The Bar Association’s Code of Ethics, with an emphasis on professional ethics in the legal profession, gives lawyer’s a different, more complex and detailed dimension, which sets standards for what is and isn’t permitted in a lawyer’s professional life. From the form of expression to a certain dress code, lawyers must abide to a strict set of rules that affect an attorney’s attitude towards his clients up to the collection of fees.

Most of the field of ethics for lawyers is regulated by the rules of the Bar Association which you can find on their website. As a result of the growing number of lawyers in Israel hence the growing competition, Israel’s Bar Association has become stricter and is trying to enforce the code on conduct on its attorneys by sending out letters of clarification, summoning disciplinary committees, and more.

All law firms’ business activities are inextricably tied to the Bar Association Code of Conduct. This is why all lawyers should be very aware of the Bar’s rules, especially in the context of new technology advantages such as the internet, search engines and social networks, especially in the field of prohibited advertising. It is better to clarify and examine the actions and publications carefully against the code of ethics of the Bar Association beforehand in order to avoid letters of reprimand, embarrassing publications and even end up in front of a disciplinary committee.

Our firm can guide you through this complex and delicate understanding of the Bar’s rules. We have many years of experience in the interface between business development and publications and we understand the Code of Ethics in its entirety while constantly staying updated with all the changes within it.

Any lawyer may contact the Advocacy Advisory Committee of the Israel Bar Association prior to publication, in order to obtain prior approval of the advertisement in accordance with the advertising rules of the Bar.