Currently, the legal market in Israel is undergoing significant changes.

Boutique law firms face hard challenges as compared to medium size or larger law firms. They are faced with difficulties that make it hard for them to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Over the last few years, Israel has held the highest number of lawyers per capita in the world, causing lawyer’s fees to drop and extending the already long-awaited path to partnership status. The aggressive competition that characterizes the field creates a new reality and changes the rules of the game. The success of attorneys, both in independent and large law firms, has long ceased to be just a profession and has become more and more business-like. There is a need to develop well planned business strategies and business tools to turn your practice into success, increase profitability, retain existing clients and to create new relationships with new customers.

The consulting department at ROBUS holds unique expertise in business development and strategic consulting in the legal market. The department’s staff offers consulting services while providing innovative business tools and creative solutions tailored to each of our client’s, helping them achieve their goals and succeed in the complex and competitive market conditions in Israel.

There two main channels through which we provide our services:

  • Accompanying newly independent attorneys to ensure their new practice is a success by formulating a business plan and defining professional and business goals. The department provides its services with flexibility, creativity and “out of the box” thinking, enabling its clients to be fully and intelligently prepared for the difficulties that lie ahead.
  • Branding and marketing development for already existing law firms and lawyers. The department’s team specializes in providing focused solutions that aim to equip the firm with the tools they need to preserve existing clients and acquire new ones. The department uses a variety of innovative techniques and provides customized services in many areas such as social networks, forums and conferences, media and more. The department’s services include, among other things, supporting the law firm during internal changes, rebranding, image adjustment, public relations, targeting new clientele, adapting services to customers and more.

The department is led by Adv. Roi Makdasi.

Robus’s Consulting Department is comprised of a professional team of experts in the field of business development for law firms and lawyers. With years of experience in Israel and abroad, our team consists of professionals in and from the legal market in Israel, enabling the department to provide creative and effective solutions to the difficulties faced by the industry and to provide its clients with the highest standard of service. The department studies the client’s professional and business character and goals, and adapts its services in order to achieve those goals while paying attention to the smallest details and accompanying their clients every step of the way, so as to achieve success.

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