In Israel's turbulent and dynamic legal market, many attorneys, partners and independent lawyers often find themselves faced with forward-looking dilemmas.

Among other considerations:

  • Do I have a future as a partner in a firm?
  • Would leaving a firm and starting my own practice be the right decision?
  • Is my salary suitable based on my experience?
  • Am I at the right law firm?
  • How much would I earn as a partner?
  • What is the difference between equity partners and salaried partners?

ROBUS offers career consultation to independent lawyers, partners and employed lawyers in making the right career choice. We consult on matters such as deciding to leave/join a firm, entering as a partner, salary and bonus issues, granting of partnership to employees, distribution of bonuses for bringing in new clients and more.

If you are at the crossroads of making such a decision – we invite you to contact us for discreet and professional advice from our knowledgeable team who are active in the Israeli law market for almost a decade, who have supported and counseled dozens of lawyers in the process of improving and changing their career path.