As one of the leading consultants in the field of legal marketing in Israel, Robus sees its provision of services to foreign law firms as part of its business DNA.

Our firms represents a wide range of Israeli law firms, including both boutiques and large firms in the Israeli market and as such Robus constitutes a strategic partner for foreign law firms attempting to open a door into the Israeli market through providing full marketing solutions for their firms.

Robus closely monitors changes in the Israeli laws which allow foreign lawyers to expand their activities in Israel, changes that have catapulted a number of law firms from across the sea to show interest in the Israeli legal and business markets. In addition, Robus serves as a guru for foreign lawyers and foreign law firms who are interested in providing services in Israel.

Together with our mother-tongue English staff, our rich business experience and deep familiarity with the local legal market, Robus can catapult your firm to identify and take advantage of new opportunities in Israel through our “one stop shop” approach, provision of  comprehensive solutions to challenges in the legal marketing and business development fields in Israel.

The international department at Robus offers a number of comprehensive services to law firms that are interested in expanding their services in the legal and business world in Israel.

  1. Coordination and Cooperation– Our office helps clients build a strong network in Israel with the right contacts at commercial institutions and different companies. We build on the foreign law firm’s existing network of contacts and acquaintances in order to expand its existing client database and future potential client database.

    In addition, we organize “Road Shows”- a series of meetings with the right firms and partners, catered to the goals, interests and areas of practice of the foreign law firms. We know how to help foreign law firms to develop its nework in the legal market in Israel and to develop joint initiatives with commercial institutions, legal and academic bodies with the purpose of strengthening and deepening the foreign law firm’s market penetration and influence in the new market with colleagues and business entities in the same field.ֿ

    Our firm is very experienced in developing joint projects between client sto leading bodies in the legal sector, business and economic sector in Israel, including amongst others: local and international law firms, business ambassadors in Israel, foreign chambers of commerce, advisors, entrepreneurs in business initiatives, academic institutions, and others.

  2. Conferences and Seminars– Networking events, conferences and professional seminars are just some of the effective tools for foreign law firms to review and familiarize themselves with new markets. Robus is very experienced in helping foreign law firms organize, manage and execute conferences and professional seminars in their areas of practice, attending to their goals, intended audience and business strategy.

    Our firm provides services from A-Z when it comes to organizing this type of event- choosing the most applicable and timely topic, choosing the right venue for this type of event, securing relevant and appropriate sponsorship, presenting an appropriate panel taking into consideration the mentality of the Israeli audience. Moreover, Robus knows how to bring the right people to reach as many potential clients as possible, including: large Israeli law firms and boutique firms specializing in the particular area of practice being highlighted by the foreign law firm, accountants, directors, governmental organizations, ambassador and national representatives from Israel and elsewhere.

  3. Expansion of Internet Influence and Social Media– Due to the uniqueness of the department, Robus knows how to provide translation services for foreign law firms marketing material, in accordance with language, culture and the local market. Marketing material in Hebrew enables foreign law firms to increase their exposure in Israeli local indexes substantially. Moreover, our firm is experienced in bringing marketing material to the right places in order to encourage positive and relevant internet searches in Hebrew language search engines.

    Robus provides foreign law firms with the opportunity to reach 20,000 lawyers through social networks in order to publicize their firm, with respect to events that are taking place as well as to ensure exposure of the foreign law firm’s work and abilities to the local market. Our firm boasts thousands of social media followers in the aggregate- on all the most relevant and influential social networks- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus- this ensures that we are reaching the majority of the Israeli market using one single button.

  4. Exposure in the Leading Media– Robus works together with leading public relations firms in Israel which enable the planning and distribution of interesting articles to the Israeli market. Our services offer foreign lawyers substantial PR thinking in the most influential leading newspapers  in the market. Our firm knows how to take the article you wrote in English and to translate it into Hebrew so as to be well received by the local newspapers readers.

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