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Robus is a strategic consulting firm that provides marketing, branding and business development services for law firm and accounting firms.

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‘Your Nearest Brexit May Be Behind You’

One of the central topics dominating global media headlines and occupying minds around the world is, not surprisingly, Brexit. Specifically: what, when, if and how it will be implemented.

Characteristics of the best / worst law firm digital marketing strategies on social media

In 2019, digital marketing has become an essential component of business development and overall success in a law firm. The Social Law Firm Index is an annual report which monitors…

Six New trends in the Legal Sector for 2019

The past few years have seen innovative solutions and techniques transform the legal industry across the board. Accordingly, law firms have had to shift their approaches and adopt new effective methods of operating, acknowledging that such an adjustment is essential for surviving the digital age.

As business flourishes down under – Israelis rise to the occasion

As joint business opportunities between Australia and Israel flourish, Law firms take note – time to consider investing in the land down under

The ‘Big Four’ are back ashore

The global market for legal services has become increasingly competitive during past years. Law firms are facing stiff competition from, not only each other but also from other industries, the major one of them – is the accounting industry.

International law firms – and the Israeli medical cannabis market

Why international law firms should pay close attention to the development of the Israeli medical cannabis market

Law Firms of the Future – Discussion Analysis

A group of leading innovators and law firm representatives came together to discuss progression measures towards the ideal state of future law firms, led by Legal Futures and LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

Why ‘Leaving Law’ isn’t the End of the World

Leaving one’s profession does not necessarily need to be the dreaded “end of an era.” Sometimes, starting from scratch can actually be a blessing in disguise. Especially in the legal sector.

Associates to Partners: The Financial Transition

The transition from associate to partner in the legal industry is no easy task. Yet, the time will come in which hard work will show through, and an associate will be trusted with his or her own clientele, and granted the opportunity to develop one’s professional and business reputation as a partner.