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Robus is a firm that provides strategic consulting and business development services and has particular expertise in the niche-field of legal marketing for law firms.

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Law Firms of the Future – Discussion Analysis

A group of leading innovators and law firm representatives came together to discuss progression measures towards the ideal state of future law firms, led by Legal Futures and LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

Why ‘Leaving Law’ isn’t the End of the World

Leaving one’s profession does not necessarily need to be the dreaded “end of an era.” Sometimes, starting from scratch can actually be a blessing in disguise. Especially in the legal sector.

Associates to Partners: The Financial Transition

The transition from associate to partner in the legal industry is no easy task. Yet, the time will come in which hard work will show through, and an associate will be trusted with his or her own clientele, and granted the opportunity to develop one’s professional and business reputation as a partner.

Chambers & Partners – Behind the process

Chambers & Partners is one of the world’s leading legal guides that identifies and ranks the top law firms and lawyers in over 180 jurisdictions throughout the world, including Israel.

Legal Services are no longer for the Select Few

In recent years, the legal industry has reached a crossroads. Certain trends in law have questioned the degree of power a lawyer should have over the solicitation of legal services. The ethical line is increasingly blurred as more and more external investors are funding the legal services being used, posing a threat to the costly act of hiring a lawyer.

Don’t underestimate the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in law firms

In recent months, many law firms are re-evaluating their business and marketing methods. Firms have expanded their teams into new areas, hiring Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) at higher rates than ever before.

Legal Marketing in Israel – opportunities for international law firms in the Startup Nation (or the country with the highest lawyers per capita in the world…)

Israel’s like to joke that it is not worth physically expressing impatience toward another vehicle in a large traffic jam, because as statistics have it, you are likely to “get served” afterward.

Ethics in Law: Putting an end to ambulance chasing in Australia

As in any sector of life, there is a spoken (or unspoken) code of conduct. There are certain measures one should abide by in their speech, behavior, and actions towards others. Evidently, this code varies depending on one’s profession as well.

Tech&Law (Israel) is proud to join GLBC (Global Legal Blockchain Consortium)

Israel’s 1st legal tech platform is proud to update about joining one of the fascinating entities which operates in the medium in between the legal sector – technology – and Blockchain.