The LawFlex initiative is the first step into the legal resourcing world in Israel, a revolutionary field taking flight around the world, arriving to the local legal market in 2014.

The LawFlex initiative has changed the legal market in Israel and abroad and controls a database of over 100 talented and experienced lawyers who work efficiently and in flexible manner. This is the first of such initiatives in Israel who’s goal is to  be the address for law firms requiring pin-pointed help in legal matters and to connect such firm with specialized, qualified Israeli and foreign lawyers.

The advantage of LawFlex is that it creates a win-win-win situation for all parties involved: for the sole practioners who expand their practice, for the law firm clients who need advice from talented and experienced lawyers, and for the law firms themselves who expand their service ability without sacrificing quality, and more importantly whilst saving in costs incorporated in actually employing an additional lawyer.

The initiative is the fruit of the hard labor of Adv. Zohar Fisher, the founder of Robus and Adv. Jackie Donner, who has more than four academic degrees from Oxford, London School of Economics, the College of Law and Tel Aviv University.

Following her studies, Jackie joined the prestigious firm, Freshfields, one of the largest and leading firms in the world. Following her Aliya to Israel and a short time at an Israeli firm, Jackie realized that the market in Israel is ready for a new way of working, one which enables firms to expand its  volume of work without expanding the number of employees.