Conferences and professional events play a central role in recruiting and maintaining clients for modern law firms.

In organizing a professional conference, sponsored by the firm, a managing partner catches a few birds with one stone: Creating an introductory platform with potential clients on the conference day; strengthening connections with existing clients; publicizing the event in the media and online thereby strengthening the firm’s image in the eyes of potential clients, future interns, colleagues, etc.

Robus is experienced in organizing conferences and professional events of all sorts for its clients. The office organizes a wide range of conferences and events for its clients, from “Client Mornings” aimed at maintaining and deepening the relationships with the clients, to “Cocktail Evenings” where lawyers meet potential clients in an open and inviting setting, and to official conferences with many attendees which suggest a certain quality about the firm within its field. Robus deals with organizing the conference from A to Z, from determining the marketing/business purpose, to organizing the conference from an academic and logistical perspective, and to publicizing and marketing the conference both before and thereafter.