We all know “Rainmakers”- those lawyers who always seem to know what to say, to convince and to find the next client.

Is this a natural talent or a nurtured one? Professional literature presents an unequivocal answer; whilst its’ not really possible to create charisma or an ability to convince from nothing, but it is definitey possible to improve bad and even average performances so that they are more effective. Many times, this is enough to make the difference between a potential client who will thank you kindly and approach your competitors to a potential client who will actually seek your services.

Robus works with the leading companies known in the market for their ability to convince and their negotiation and sales abilities, to provide law firms the best services in this field, from specific instruction, insight into specific problems, and to specialized seminars prepared specifically for the firm’s partners. The presentations and seminars are geared towards the partners and deal with teaching proven methods of recruiting clients face-to-face. Specific emphasis is placed on practicing and applying the skills and providing real-time feed-back.

The instruction sessions concentrate on crucially influential points in the client recruiting process. Through these, the partners will learn:

  • How to create effective “leads” at conferences and seminars
  • How to present the firm in the best and most effective light so as to present a winning brand
  • How to transform a potential client into a paying client
  • How to manage recruiting and sales meetings in the most effective and efficient manner

Our instruction sessions take place at the client’s offices in an open and positive environment, their purpose- to bring the partners together in an effort to recruit clients through giving them proven tools to do so.