It’s not enough to be a law firm standing alone….

Law firms seeking to expand their activities and exposure abroad can pursue different directions to do so, one option is to join international legal networks. Legal networks have become a growing phenomenon in the last twenty years and constitute a reaction to consumer needs, businesses and private entities asking to manage and expand their business in various venues at home and abroad and to obtain international legal advice.

The legal networks are managed by professional international organizations and in practice connect between law firms from different countries, providing and encouraging cooperation between the various firms and their lawyers. The firms which are members in these networks are aided by the networks as a wide and expansive resource both for existing clientele and as a resource to generate more clients at home and abroad.

The well-known networks have tough admittance criteria (or less tough, at times), and all networks engage in expansive diligence of the applying firms before accepting them into their respective networks. Some of the networks even require a “code of conduct” in order to ensure the trustworthiness of the firm, to ensure efficiency and prestige.

Advantages of Legal Networks
  • Referring Clients -
    Most importantly, membership in a network allows a firm to refer clients interested in expanding and/or developing business activity abroad to foreign law firms that are experts without risking the loss of a client to a foreign law firm. Above and beyond this clear advantage of securing a certain percentage of the legal fees (as is standard practice in referring clients between lawyers), the referral of a client to a foreign law firm that is a member in the network results in close relations between the firms within the network and reduces the risk of losing the client to a foreign firm that generally has more tools to advise clients than the local Israeli law firm.
  • Cooperation -
    Membership in the network aids the firm in expanding its alliances with foreign firms of like size and as such in increasing the number of clients. The fact that the network includes members from firms with different complementary expertise (even accounting, investment or insurance consultants), ensures the efficiency of the network and the expansion of its clients.
  • Image -
    Membership in a prestigious and well known network contributes to the image of a firm by its foreign clients given that it indicates that the firm is internationally oriented. Use of the network’s logo on the firm’s website or, for example, on its letterhead, aids significantly in the branding of the firm as serious, prestigious and international.
  • Source of Professional Branding -
    An added advantage is the opportunity to compare and exchange information between firms who are members of the network. The point does not apply to professional legal information but rather to important business conclusions that touch on management methods that affect leading firms around the world.
  • Exclusivity -
    The majority of legal networks include a form of exclusivity. Generally the exclusivity applies to geographic region. This exclusivity results in increased profits for the firm who is a member in the network. Additionally, exclusive representation within a network creates significant marketing value.
Leading Legal Networks
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This network was established in 1989 and is considered the largest legal network and one of the most prestigious. As of 2011, Lex Mundi guides 21,000 lawyer members from 160 law firms around the world. It is known to be particularly strict in accepting new members, and usually only accept top, one-stop-shop commercial law firms. The Israeli representative of the network is S. Horowitz.


This network was founded in 1991, is comprised of 155 commercial law firms and 15,000 lawyer members. The law firm members entail the leading law firms in their respective countries. In Israel, the network is represented by Shiboleth & Co. Law Offices.

The World Law Group

One of the longstanding and most prestigious networks (established in 1988). The network includes 51 law firms and 15,000 lawyers from all over the all fields of law. One can only join the network through management invitation. The Israeli representative in the network is Herzog Fox Neeman.

State Capital Group

State Capital Group was established in 1989 and includes 145 law firms and more than 11,500 members. The network was established by 10 former U.S. state governors who owned law firms, with the aim of converting their familiarity with one and other to professional cooperation. One can join the group through invitation from the network’s management. In Israel the law firm Yehuda Raveh & Co. is a member of the State Capital Group.

Alfa International

The Alfa Network, founded in 1980 is one of the oldest legal networks. It first concentrated on the United States, however, in time, it expanded and became an international network and opened its gates to law firms working in all fields. Today, the network is one of the largest and most well known in the world, with more than 145 law firms and more than 9,000 lawyers as members. One of the benefits of this network is the expansive geographical reach, such that the network has offices and representatives in many areas of the world. In Israel, Dardik, Gross & Co. is a member of the network.


This network includes 153 law firms from 87 countries with more than 7,500 lawyer members. Acceptance into this network is determined by the networks board of director’s assessment of the firm’s prestige- displayed by professional achievements. In Israel, the law firm Pearl Cohen Tsedek Latzer and Co. is a member.


The network Meritas is proud of its particularly challenging quality control as a means of ensuring the level of service provided by its members. The network has 175 law firm members from more than 75 countries. Membership is on an invitation basis. Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg & Co. is a member of Meritas.

The InterLex Group

This network has 45 law firm members from 61 different countries. The network boasts high quality legal services provided by its members and close connections between its lawyer members, built and strengthened through yearly meetings between the members as well as occasional field specific meetings. Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot is the Israeli representative in this network.


The network includes 70 law firms from 70 different countries around the world. The network uses various resources in order to encourage and ease communication between the firms and its members, including: founding business circles amongst its members, a newsletter that is sent to members and to newspapers, a joint e-mail service, etc. In Israel M. Firon & Co. is part of the network.

USLaw Network

This network is international and includes more than 100 law firms from North America, Europe, Africa and South America. The network has wide coverage in the United States with representation in 47 of the 50 U.S. states. Membership in the network is by invitation only, and is open to firms that provide wide services in the commercial field and which also have significant litigation experience.


This network has 5,500 lawyer members from 90 law firms all over the world. The firms which are members are considered mid-size or large firms (for Israel) and are expected to adhere to a certain “code of conduct” with emphasis on immediate response to requests from colleagues and clients and with respect to their services. This network doesn’t charge fees for referral of clients between firms. In Israel, the firm Ryterski, Ron, Nakar & Co. is part of the network.

Morison International

This network has 90 law firm members from 65 different countries, including 8503 lawyers. The network is defined as a professional services network and was not originally formed as solely a legal network. As such, the network provides opportunities for cooperation amongst its members. Other than lawyers, the network also includes accountants, tax advisers, business advisors, funding companies, etc. In Israel Zitnitski Weinstein & Co. is a member.

World Services Group

This network was founded in 2002 and is the second largest amongst legal networks. It includes 19,200 lawyers from 150 law firms from 141 countries around the world. The network has a wide approach and includes lawyers, accountants and investment funds/advisers. In Israel, Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co. is a member of the network.

Eurojuris International

This network includes 500 lawyers from all over Europe and the world and includes 630 law firms. In each European country there is a network hub and the network engages in developing cooperation between the various law firms from different countries around the world. The member firms in this network are chosen by a strict standard that is based on legal fees, foreign language knowledge, response time and trustworthiness. In 2005 the network was declared to be the network with the highest standard of service pursuant to ISO-9001 and since then has made sure to maintain this standard. The network manages significant activity in the network through organizing seasonal meetings, conferences and continuing legal education events. The law firm of Mekuvski, Harpaz, Oron & Co. as well as Adv. Gilad Berman are members of this network.

Pacific Rim Advisory Council

This network concentrates on activities in the area close to the Pacific Rim and includes 30 law firms which provide services to international companies working in these areas.

International Referral

This wide ranging network is quite young (founded in April of 2010) and has 650 members from 4 main fields of practice: legal, accounting, finance, and business. The network facilitates occasional meetings amongst the members to strengthen their relationships and to create cooperation opportunities. Participation in the network is invitation based following thorough diligence by the network managers. The firms Afik & Co., Gideon Koren & Co., Harpaz, Oren & Co., and Oren Speisser Law Office are members of the network.

IPG - International Practice Group

This network is a longstanding European network, founded in 1988 and opened its gates to additional countries including the United States and countries in Africa, Asia, South America, etc. In practice, most if its members are from Europe. The network is quite expansive and includes amongst its 2500 members lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and other professionals. The network aims to form interactions amongst its members through quarterly newsletters and the organization of international conferences twice a year. Gideon Koren & Co. are the Israeli representatives in this network.

Law Exchange Internatioanl

This network is a relatively small new network (founded during the 2000’s and has a substantial number of members thus far. The network serves lawyers in the commercial, industrial, technology and research fields. Like other networks, the Law Exchange International convenes annual conferences for its members and publishes articles and updates about its members areas of practice. The network provides a committed platform for specific legal areas of interest, through which its members can update others and themselves in their area of expertise through publishing/reading articles, participating in forums and even professional conferences.

IUS Laboris

IUS Laboris is a young network that was founded in 2001. The network offers wide ranging consulting in employment law and pensions. The network has 1,300 lawyer members who specialize in human reources and who are active in more than 150 cities and 44 countries. As such, the network has created a world wide group of experts in human resources. Herzog Fox Neeman is the Israeli representative in this network.


This network was founded in 1993, is owned by its members, and is defined as a not-for-profit entity. The network includes 5000 lawyers from 115 law firms from 92 countries. This places the newtorks amongst the leading networks world-wide. The network includes leading law firms and admittance to the network is based on recommendations and thorough due diligence. Zvi Tamir & Co. Law Offices is the Israeli representative in this network.

LNI - Legal Network International

The network is the result of a merger between two networks. This merger transformed the network into one of the largest in the world, covering 50 countries and including over 5,000 lawyer members. The network ensures meetings between its members twice a year. The network is managed by the steering committee made up of nine members. The law firm David Golan and the law firm Yuval Levi & Co. are members.


This network has over 3,000 lawyers and includes 20 large law firms, specializing in particular in the commercial field. In order to become a member in the network you have to prove that you meet the requisite high standards. The network emphasizes and helps develop relationships between the members. The law firm Friedman & Co. are the Israeli representatives in this network.

MI Interact

This legal network combines law firms and accounting firms. The network was formed in 2012 as a merger between Inter Europe, the pan-European legal network and the global organization, Morison International, spanning 90 accounting firms from 65 countries. The areas of expertise amongst the members include, amongst others, arbitration, banking and finance, commercial law, employment law, intellectual property, real estate and others. The Israeli representative in the network is the law firm of Shaul Kotler.