“How can we transform clients into repeat clients?”

Thousands of senior lawyers and partners ponder this question every day, cognizant of the fact that the mere accompanying of a client or company, even successful representation thereof, does not necessarily mean that in the future the client wont resort to the services of a cheaper, more specialized or connected firm. One of the core tools of remaining relevant to a client from the establishment of a long term relationship is updating the client regularly through a newsletter, sent through a mass e-mailing to clients and acquaintances.

Robus specializes in creating newsletters which ensure that your firm stays relevant in the eyes of your clients. Our staff manages the process from inception to completion, from determining the relevant professional subjects that will interest firm clients, through drafting the newsletters themselves using a professional marketing voice, designing the newsletter in a professional manner using leading professionals, and emailing the newsletter to firm clients.

Our firm has rich and extensive experience building creative, professional, marketing oriented newletters that have achieved high opening percentages and have significantly helped firms maintain their clientele.