In a market that is as saturated and demanding as the legal market in Israel, a business development manager has a significant influence on the future of the law firm.

The business development manager has become a huge and inevitable part of law firms and can determine its blossoming, development and success of a firm and its deterioration. To ensure the placement of the right business development manager, it is recommended to seek the guidance of professionals in this field.

Developments in the Israeli legal sector have transformed the strategic thinking in the economic management of law and have resulted in a growing number of firms  appointing a business development manager at their firm, emulating large law firms in the U..S. and Europe.

The role of a business development manager – To work together with the legal managers of the firm to determine the firm’s strategy, its activities, to put into action, with an emphasis both on expanding the firm’s clientele on the one hand and to maintaining the firm’s clients on the other.

Robus aids law firms in recruiting and placing business development managers to their law firm, applying our deep knowledge and significant experience in legal marketing and business development for law firms. The business development manager placement process includes:

  1. Identifying applicants for the role of business development manager at your firm;
  2. Reviewing the applicants, including their professionalism and whether they match your criteria;
  3. Choosing the right candidate and presenting such candidate to the managing partner.

If your firm is seeking a business development manager, please approach our firm.

Robus also aids applicants seeking positions as marketing managers and business development managers at law firms. Our firm can help you identify the law firm that best suits your skill set and preference through use of our deep and wide network in the legal market. We can submit your application to the managing staff at the firm together with a recommendation as to your abilities and professionalism, backed by our strong reputation and professional record.

Those seeking employment in the field, please send your resume to