Social networks constitute a strong marketing multiplier for law firms at a low price. Whilst not all firms require a profile in all existing social networks, experience shows that in the majority of cases at least one social network is relevant to the firm, and usually, more than one. Creation of a profile on the social networks requires knowledge of the unique attributes of each network, concentrated effort on the applicable network and frequent updating.


The most widespread and popular network- with a significant par from the rest. This network is relevant to all firms that are looking to recruit staff, specifically interns and young lawyers. It is also relevant to firms that accompany mid-size clients and those under 40 years of age.


A popular professional network in the field of work and careers. The network is relevant to firms in the commercial space, specifically, technology. It is also relevant to firms accompanying large, high-end clients, specifically business professionals under 40 years of age.


A social network for short updates, popular in North America, Europe and most of the BRICs countries. This network is relevant to firms who’s audience is English speaking.

Google Plus+

This social network is owned and operated by Google. The network is not particularly popular in Israel or abroad, but given that it’s a Google product, being active on Google+ advances and improves the firm’s standing in Google’s search engine.

Robus specializes in creating and managing profiles on all of the existing social networks. Robus services include advising lawyers as to applicable social network strategy, building of applicable profiles, and managing the profiles in a manner that promotes the goals of firm.

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