Two decades have elapsed since the internet revolution and many law firms have realized that a potential client’s first step is not in the firm’s lobby, but rather on its website.

Just as any self-respecting law firm wont place a shabbily dressed secretary, a faded painting, or ratty carpet, so too the firm should ensure that the website reflects its professional strengths and advantages as compared to its competitors, specifically given the harsh competition for each and every client.

Robus has significant experience in building websites, designing and delivering tens of websites for leading Israeli law firms. Our office accompanies firms in the building, development, and improvement of their websites from inception, to drafting the content so as to be more marketing oriented and more professional and so too in the design of the site, its content and uploading and hosting the site. Our staff’s experience in the field in marketing (both in English and Hebrew) and our significant experience in the legal field helps us create a relevant curated site for the user, to suit his needs- whether such user is a potential client, a future intern or a curious colleague- in a manner that extends his stay on the site and maximizes the chances that the visit to the site will result in the advancement of the firm. The design and integration is done by professionals in the field that have worked with our office for a long time and is coordinated completely by the Robus team.