Whether based in Israel, Europe, the Americas or the Far East, legal ranking guides are often the starting point for many potential clients and even existing clients.

Ranking legal guides and legal indexes help clients decide which firm will represent them and draw significant media attention. It is worth noting that international ranking guides are frequently the main resource that potential clients use to obtain information as to the legal market in Israel and as to the expertise of specific lawyers.

The purpose of ranking guides is to show clients (existing and potential) that the firm is ranked amongst the leading firms in a particular field and as such, to highlight leading lawyers and unique fields of practices of the firm and to distinguish them from others.

The submission process to the various ranking guides is methodical and requires knowledge of the “rules of the game.” The submission process does not end with the submission of the documents and the interviews with the firms, but extends throughout the year, both in terms of use of the information for ranking purposes and to draw conclusions and improve your ranking.

Looking through various guides allows clients to effectively diligence the firms:

  • Performing quality control of the firm 
  • Confirming the professionalism of the firm as compared with other firms
  • Reviewing the firm from a bird’s eye view as to different areas of practice
  • Review of major transactions from the past year
  • Review of specific lawyers and what colleagues in the field have to say about them

The recommended guides are those which are known to engage in objective research by unbiased reviewers, based on:

  1. The information provided by the firm and the interview
  2. What colleagues in the field have to say about the firm or the specific lawyer
  3. What clients of the firm have to say about the firm or the specific lawyer.

Since the information that is disclosed by the firm in the submission and in the interview is subjective, their weight is relatively low and constitutes just a starting point (moreover, the information provided by the firm should be as accurate as possible, since the guides preform authenticity checks, and disinformation can hurt the firm’s credibility).

As such the ranking guides submission need to be coordinated by a legal marketing professional with whom the firm shares its activities. No doubt, it is a world that needs to be studied.

Robus Consulting & Legal Marketing is an expert in preparing, writing and submitting international legal guides (Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, IFLR1000, Citywealth, World Tax and more), with years of incomparable experience accompanying Israeli and international law firms submitting to their respective country.

Our services consist of taking full responsibility on the law firms’ legal guides procedures – and in addition, assisting law firms with existing submissions – by providing editing, text enhancement and procedure maintenance with the legal guides.

For further information, please contact: office@robus.co.il.

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