The Tech&Law Department is a first-of-its-kind leading legal tech platform in Israel and among the only ones worldwide.

The department is the frontrunner of the Israeli legal tech industry  and is considered the ‘gateway’ for this growing and fascinating sector. The department’s core activity remains the fostering of collaborations and the integration of services, products and technologies into the legal sectors, as well as assisting in fund raising for legal tech companies, cross-border consulting and more. The department’s activity also focuses on the hosting of a major legal tech events, market research, professional content writing and maintains tight-knit relations with central figures in legal markets both in Israel and around the world.

The department’s services are divided into several segments:

  • Holistic consulting for Israeli and international legal tech companies – The department provides strategic consulting services for legal tech companies seeking to penetrate different legal markets by means of, among other things, product promotion via newsletters, social media, website, introductions and enhancing their market exposure and business relationships.
  • Providing technological solutions consulting – The department provides leading Israeli law firms with the most efficient and on point solutions for their firm’s ongoing operations.
  • Fund Raising – The department assists local and international legal tech companies in fund raising for their ongoing needs: R&D, strategy implementation, general expansion and more.
  • Events – The department hosts legal-tech events and lectures for law-firms and legal departments.


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Our Events

The Tech&Law department hosts a variety of networking events, conventions, professional seminars and lectures in the field of legal tech, in order to spread the legal tech news across the startup nation. We aim to offer the community our knowledge and experience, and to keep assisting the market in becoming more efficient and optimal.

Thousands from Israel and abroad have already participated in the department events, which have hosted keynote speakers from Israel and abroad. The department also hosts an annual legal tech convention, the recent of which included over 400 participants.

Our Conferences


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