Tech & Law is the first legal tech platform in Israel with the purpose of advancing and developing use of technology in the Israeli legal market.

Legal Tech is a term that describes the use of technology in law. The purpose of the various legal tech initiatives is to change the traditional manner in which the legal market uses technology, in every way possible.

The last years are characterized by huge growth in this field around the world. Thousands of new companies have been founded, investment in the field has grown substantially, the developments have become increasingly diverse and the arms of Legal Tech touch upon all legal services that one can think of.

The field of legal tech has been active for a number of years around the world and is currently making its first steps in Israel. Tech & Law is the first Israeli legal tech platform and was founded in 2015 by Robus. Amongst other initiatives, Tech & Law operates the first content site of its kind in the field in Israel and thus aids and advises entrepreneurs and companies in the legal tech market in Israel how to characterize their products, how to penetrate the market, how and with whom to seek joint ventures. It advises foreign legal tech companies how to enter the Israeli market and initiated and hosts Meetups, the first of their kind in Israel.

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Meetup archive:

  1. First Meetup 12/09/2016:
    The first Legal Tech meeting in Israel, ever. Over 70 lawyers, entrepreneurs and members of the academia attended the meet-up at the Rise center in the heart of Tel Aviv to  start up the Legal Tech community in Israel. Adv. Zohar Fisher, founder of Robus, opened the meetup, followed by Mr.  Ido Goldberg, the head of the legal-tech department at Robus. The meet-up concluded with words by Mr. Nouri Bachor, CEO of an Israeli legal tech company, LawGeex.